The hanging car tags are most useful if you have a car accident and cannot speak for yourself.


Medical Hang Tags/Decals

Accidents often have dire consequences.

If you’re in an accident, how does a paramedic know your health conditions? If you're knocked unconscious you're unable to explain your special medical condition.

 You’re in an accident, unconscious and need treatment. How does a paramedic know your special medical conditions? If you’re not wearing a bracelet then it’s all secret.

Protect yourself or a loved one by displaying your special medical condition tags or window cling where an emergency worker can spot immediately.

I also hang my tag on the inside of my hotel door when I'm traveling.

The tags are easy to write on, private ( take off mirror or window when not in the car), and can be easily seen.

The tags give me a little more piece of mind when I'm traveling.




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